Speaking for change

My passion (and actually what I know most about; bit geeky about it I suppose) is health and work environment. I love mixing my 15 year of work experience with fun, personal stories and insights, science and studies. What ever the topic is, I try to dig deeper into habits, conscious and unconscious choices and physical and mental energy to open up for reflection. One common comment after my seminars is that it was very interesting and exciting. I think it is because I like to twist usual perspectives and am passionate about what I do.

“Fredrik Grythberg is a speaker of to days society and he knows how to catch an audience attention. An attention that will stay over time. Working with Fredrik was easy, fun and not only inspirational for the final target group- the audience of the seminars, but also for me as a person in my profession. 

I would highly recommend other modern and proactive companies to work with Fredrik”

Jenny Juhlin
Global Work Environment Responsible, Hennes & Mauritz

“Fredrik Grythberg is an extremely academically knowledgeable and appreciated expert in well-being and work environment, who at the same time can convey his knowledge with joy and enthusiasm. Fredrik Grythberg’s advice raises the desire to live a happier, healthier and healthier life in balance.”

Christina Öst, former chief red. Tidningen Karriär (now: Deputy Head, Department of Communication, Market and Journalism at the Teachers’ Union/Lärarförbundet)

“ÅF asked Fredrik to do a really challenging task at a gathering with 70 top managers. He had a conversation with one of the managers on stage; a very special untested exercise on self-knowledge and relaxation. The activity that turned out very well and I have hired Fredrik again.”

Anders Dahlin, Region Manager, ÅF

”… Simple concrete tools for empowerment and balance in life. Fredrik has an exciting holistic view of physical and mental health in relation to work performance and productivity.”

Alexandra Falke, Swedish Work Environment Authority

Without Fredrik’s seminar and competent advice of what creates a healthy organization, the positive changes had never occurred.

Mats Dahlin, Business Area Manager for Urban Planning & Environment

Up-to-date topics:

Increase the Organizational Energy!

I love this topic because it is the core of every human and all organisations!

Our physical and mental energy is the fuel for performing at work, collaborating and managing internal and external requirements. In an organization, each individual’s energy creates the collective, organizational energy – that is counteracted or lifted by policies, processes and leadership.

This topic can be offered as a shorter seminar to one day or a whole weekend activity. We will examine ways to handle, harness and recover. More info will come – as for now use the contact form below and we book an interesting meeting.

The flexible, digital work life… working from home. 

… is very important for every organisation to talk about today. The boundaries between work and leisure time is blurred out and we all have to work on our intentions and self leadership. Learn about different ways to integrate and separate. Get powerful tools for both individuals and organisation. Watch video above.



… from the monks of Thich Nhat Hanh – called the father of mindfulness. I have stayed for 30 days with only 15 monks at a monastery in southern California. Mindfulness can be a deep practice giving a clearer mind, more energy, better relationships and team-work. Since I am business minded and know how to implement wellbeing initiatives in an organisation – my mindfulness seminars are super-relevant packed with good advices and insights of my own and others.

There are so much of great tools in mindfulness for more, better mental and physical energy. This is the tools needed for the future!

Self leadership…

… is about holding a friend in the hand. To feel trust in your capability of making the right choices. To give yourself time for insights and to have tools to make them clear and visible. A seminar about self leadership will empower the organisation in every aspect. Insights and tools for life.

Sustainable performance…

… is all bout energy balancing. I love this topic and use a broad, exciting palette of knowledge about physical and mental energy, on- and off-mode and productivity. Be inspired how to work and live smarter and get exciting tools as The 5 Power Habits.

Ett urval av kunder som anlitat mig som utbildare, inspiratör eller strategisk partner inom arbetsmiljöarbete (några av dem flera gånger).