Sustainable leadership needs a huge amount of self knowledge. Without it you will lead and live standing on a shaky ground with bad knowledge of you intentions, drives and causes of meaningfulness. What is your self knowledge activity?

A transformative work life

In a time when the term working hours has become outdated and the work place shift between The office, your home, airports and cafés the role of a leader has changed immensely. Your ability to control and monitor has decreased. Today it is all about trust and nourish meaningfulness. For this, your self knowledge is crucial.

Who are you?

Oh my god… that is a big question to write in a blog post, but still so important. To be able to answer that question with humble confident and great insight of who you actually are in your soul will make you grounded. It will reduce stress and uncertainty and grow a calm feeling even when your opinions are not heard. When the organization climate is stormy, a strong inner compass will guide your focus to your values in life.


To grow your self knowledge you need insight about certain things;why do you leave bed in the morning?why do you go to work?what drives you?what makes life fulfilling?what experiences and feelings are igniting over-reactions?

To be able to see your self in the context of something bigger will raise you above the daily pettiness. For instance, a feeling of not being respected will not smash you like an egg under a hammer. Instead your self knowledge and feeling of being a part of something bigger will protect you and save energy for better purpose. Insights give right intentions.

Self knowledge activity

Since we all are different from each other the suitable activity to pause and direct our focus inwards differs. Never the less I want to adress meditation as a great tool to calm the mind which is the base to grow self knowledge. I recommend starting your day with sitting meditation. If you are a novice; start with 5 minutes sitting on a chair. Close your eyes and direct your focus to your breath. Set your intention; why are you meditating? By doing this you will meditate with less effort. When ever your thought is drifting away, bring it back gently to your breath. No judgement. No goal. Bring in the joy in meditation. If strong feelings come up, just sit with them and let them be. This is healing and a great way to self knowledge. I promise.

Executive coaching

I have great documented experience of preventing leaders from burnout and helping them to find balance in work and life. Need help? You are welcome to contact me.