I help managers to maintain, grow and continually restore their mental and physical energy. Thus you can thrive and perform at a high level and still enjoy life with great well-being.
Additionally, you will improve your skills to build a healthy, happy organization culture.

/ Fredrik, med mag Public Health Sciences, Swedish and based in Stockholm.

You might love what you do, but something is missing or doesn´t feel right. Maybe you want to feel less stressed, recover properly and have more energy for the things you value and makes you happy. You might have a desire to come back to your inner compass and values, to gain insight and find your way to balance and life work quality. To get structure in all the thinking, a direction. To have someone that listens, motivates you and shares tools and knowledge. You want to make a change.

To feel grounded and fully energized – both mentally and physically.

With me as a mentor/coach you will explore your “power habits” for more energy and clarity. You will be motivated to take actions for a sustainable, long-term well-being. Time for better life work quality?

“Fredrik has a unique ability to lift people; to make them see their strengths, feel hope and that they are capable to handle and change their situation.
He has a big heart, enthusiasm and genuinely wants to understand.”

Supervisor Motivational Interviewing, work at Swedish Alcohol line

I have a masters degree in Public health and 15 years of experience working with well-being and work environment management. I am certified in Motivational Interviewing and have 500+ hours of coaching and motivating people to make lifestyle changes. I love doing things to grow; during summer 2018 I lived with a few monks for 30 days in a Buddhist monastery. I gained insights and learned a lot about mindsets and attitudes that nourish every aspect of my life. Read more about me (at the time in Swedish).

My core skills are behavioral change and motivation and an understanding of the many factors contributing to great well-being and energy in life.

“Fredrik and I talked a lot, walked, meditated, worked systematically with goals and approaches. I appreciate Fredrik’s honest and lovely commitment. He is amazingly present during the meetings.”

I usually work with my clients for 6 or 12 months. It all starts with a free phone call session to discover possibilities. Depending on where you live, your needs and preferences the following sessions are IRL or we talk over the phone or Skype. Since I want you to have time to finish, where is no time limit for the sessions. If we meet in Stockholm one on my favorite places are Fotografiska and the beautiful renovated Hellasgården in Nacka.

Key words: stress, alcohol, low energy, lethargy; need of structure and motivation for lifestyle change

Manager worried for an employee? Take action before illness. Or thinking about your own health?


“Fredriks advices awakens the lust to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life”

“The role of the mentor is to build capability and help the person to discover their own wisdom, by encouraging them to work towards goals or develop self-reliance. A mentor is a more experienced individual within a field and willing to share knowledge.”