A lot of people have to work from home during these Corona days. If it is a challenge to get things done and keep the energy up at work – then it could be a nightmare to focus at home. There are many distractions; other family members, the urge to clean or water the flowers or whatever feels – at the certain time – more fun to do than working.

Everyone is different and maybe you find it easier to focus at home; no colleagues interrupting and free to take breaks and go to the gym when you feel like it.

Anyhow, here are some ideas and inspiration if you feel like it´s hard to focus when working all days from home:

Structure your time

As a self-employed entrepreneur I know this one! Let´s say that you only have one online meeting in the afternoon, you have a lot of “own time” to structure. (Read “Varför struktur ger mental energi” if you want to get more ideas about structure and mental energy.) My tip is to, in the evening before, write a schedule for when to get up, how much time for breakfast, what time to start working and what you shall have completed before lunch. Decide in advance what to eat; if you are going to cook or eat out. Really stick to the time! And if you know that you want to check social media; schedule that around breaks… and….


… this one is so important to schedule otherwise you risk of having to many unplanned breaks or none. Both ways can be really bad. I have a neighbour across the street who I suspect is working in the evenings in front of the tv too. You need to set boundaries and understand that evenings are breaks! I love having a walk with my dog as a break. Getting outdoors will boost your mental energy – even if it´s raining!

Choose the work place wisely

Almost every place in your house is connected to an activity that has nothing to do with focus and perform at work, but with another emotion; kitchen – hungry, sofa – relax, bed – tired (or aroused, haha). Just be aware of this, since these emotions might pop up and make your mind drift away from work tasks. For some it´s a great idea to have a dedicated work place and for others it´s cool to choose different places every day. And please – do not forget that if it´s possible for you to work from home, it might be possible for you to sit outdoors, in a coffeeshop, your country house, at a friend’s place etc. Be creative, maybe your home is not the only option!

Regular feedback from your boss

Flexible work life is a challenge both for employees and managers. (This post “Så kan ni hantera det digitala flexibla arbetslivet” will give you extensive knowledge about this.) It´s about new ways of managing, monitoring, giving/getting feedback, being present etc. Talk to your manager (and colleagues) how you could feel connected and get feedback on a regular basis. If you are not sure if you are working with the right stuff, your focus will be more interested in food or Facebook. And if you do not really have a manager or do not have that sort of relationship with her/him – reward yourself!

Understand work mode

When some school closed in Sweden due to Corona and the children of a friend of mine had to study from home, my friend told me that the children were so happy and shouted “Hurray, we are free. Holiday!”.
If you want to give your mind a chance to focus you have to understand work mode. Forget everything else. You are working. Everyone is struggling and it´s up to you to take care of yourself and the work situation. Do not make yourself in to a victim. Accept, understand and do you best to focus. This means you have to ignore all private life activities. This could be super challenging if a partner and children are at home too. I guess that communication is a good start.

Get support…

… how to find your ways! More info how to do that here.

Fredrik is a fantastic coach who with warmth, wisdom and humor guided me towards better feeling and inner calm and balance. He has an incredible ability to lift and highlight the positive and after our conversations I felt lighter in the mind, more energy-filled and more secure in what path a should take.

I have an extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to create mental and physical energy and 1000+ hours in Motivational Interviewing Coaching.

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