We live in a world where many things and living conditions has become better around the world. We also live, again, in a turbulent time where our trust and openness between humans are challenged. The “second world” internet has changed our lives forever, to the better and to the worst, bombarded us with information and distracting our presens. Our respect for each other and the planet is doubtful and shaky, as the pace of life is speeding up and cities are getting more and more crowded. Many are pushed to work faster and more, while the boundaries between work and leisure time are getting more and more transparent. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and confused when trying to navigate through everyday life. But we can all as individuals do a lot to make life easier and happier and feel more grounded. 

We can see an increasing, positive consciousness but I believe that we need to discuss and fuel that path as much as we can.

I believe that we need to increase our collective consciousness and challenge our believes, views, habit perspectives, norms and ways of thinking – to reunite for a healthier more sustainable future. My contribution is to give inspirational speeches, write articles for magazines and a book during fall 2018 to give hope, tools and insights how we can think, speak, act and thrive in a more conscious way thats beneficial to all of us.