The beginning of a life with more energy.


Two cases and testimonials:

I met this person many times in a network meeting. I noticed an increase of stress and shattered focus. I asked how it was and the answer was “It´s so much going on”. The day after I sent an email expressing my worry. It turned up to be legitimated.
We started to work together and talked a lot about structure, values in life, things not worth wasting energy on, slowing down to get more done, putting physical training into the calendar etc.

“With Fredrik’s help, I have begun a journey with the insight that my previous high pace of lifestyle was harmful and almost led to a collapse. I learned many great tools that I use every day.”

Partner of a law firm

A manager contacted me about a project manager who had come back to work after a burnout. The doctor and terapeut had helped, but there was a need of concrete tools to handle e.g. stress but also empowerment to strengthen the person for the future.
Me and the client talked a lot about starting the morning in a calm way, letting go of the past, finding the inner compass and strength.

“The coaching helped me take the last steps out of fatigue. Fredrik and I talked a lot, walked, meditated, drew and worked systematically with goals and approaches. I appreciate Fredrik’s honest and lovely commitment. He is amazingly present during the meetings.”

Senior project manager

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