It is as normal to bring the smartphone as the door keys when leaving home. For daily internet use it is clear that we choose the mobile phone in front of the computer and the tablet. 90 percent of Swedish people have a smartphone and 52 percent use internet at the smartphone several times a day. Many studies have shown that smartphones distract us at work and even worsen our performance by just being near us. Our brain loves the smartphones.

If you feel that you use your smartphone too much, I will give you four easy ways to disconnect yourself and have more control of your usage.

1. No smartphone in the bedroom

I have read studies suggesting that only having the smartphone in the bedroom during the night will affect your sleep negatively. Scary if it´s true! Sometimes I use my smartphone in bed but I always place it in the kitchen when going to sleep. The biggest reson is that I will not reach out for it the first thing in the morning. And of course flightmode is on during the night!

2. Do not use the smartphone before breakfast

This is a game changer! If you prolong the time before you use your smartphone in the morning there is a chance that you will not be hooked during the day. I really try not to check my phone before breakfast. Since I always start my days with some stretching and simple yoga and often meditation I have one to two hours in the morning totally free from information input from my phone. I have heard that this tip really has changed the morning energy for many people.

3. High volume!

This may sound weird but if I mute my phone my brain really wonders if I have missed a message or a call. So for me it´s much better to have the tone set on maximum volume. But when I work out at the gym I switch on “Do not disturb” mode and also sometimes when I really need to concentrate on a task.

4. Keep it in the bag

If I have a bag with me I place my phone in the bag instead of having it in my pocket. It´s more of an effort to take it out from my bag and the autopilot checking that can occur when it´s in my pocket is eliminated.