*Speaker, Freelance Writer, Coach/Mentor, Moderator
& Communications Strategist

What I believe in

I believe that if we create more space for insights and knowing our intentions, we will be able to live, thrive and work in a healthier, happier and more sustainable way.

I believe that this is more important than ever – both for individuals and organisations – to be able to navigate in a healthy way in this fast paced existence full of digital information and choices.

I offer moments for insights.

I hold inspirational speeches and educational seminars for small to large groups and events. 

I coach managers for better, healthier self leadership and help HR to work in a effective, strategic clever way. 

I write articles and participate in podcasts.

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I was the main attraction during “Health & Safety week” at

“Fredrik Grythberg is a modern and dynamic speaker that not only bring deep insights of a subject to its audience, he also makes people reflect with a smile on their faces. Working with Fredrik was easy, fun and not only inspirational for the final target group- the audience of the seminars, but also for me as a person in my profession. I would highly recommend other modern and proactive companies to work with Fredrik”

Jenny Juhlin
Global Work Environment Responsible, Hennes & Mauritz


Work environment management is all about fulfilling needs. Listen with big ears. Ask why many times. Implement relevant actions. Experiment and dare to break the norms and habits. 

I am very goal orientated with great, documented communication skills. Every process should have a clear, predicted outcome.  

Welcome to read a resumé of some of the things I have accomplished (pdf in Swedish). 

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Phone: +46 709 56 76 56

E-mail: fredrik(at)junao.se

Based in Stockholm, Sweden